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We are now accepting featured listings and advertisements. Reach over 50,000 eyeballs (average between 30k-40k users, steadily rising) each month with your site or digital creations.

All listings include choice of placement from available spots. Spots containing links to Envato marketplaces are considered available, and if chosen for your listing, Envato links will automatically be offset. You may also provide a value for the title attribute of the link to your site.

All prices are in US Dollars. You can pay securely via Paypal by selecting the corresponding radio button in the order form below. Once payment has been made, you will receive an email (at your PayPal email address) with details regarding how to send us your listing URL and image you wish to use.



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Premier Listing

Size – 300 × 250
Placement – Very Top, Left or Right Side
$150.00 per month

Featured Site Listing

Size – 180 × 100
Placement – Second Section; Above Fold.
$50.00 per month

Featured Item/Artist Listing

Size – 80 × 80
Placement – Third Section; Above Fold.
Details – Should ideally link to one of the Envato sites.
$20.00 per month

Favicon Listing

Size – 16 × 16
Placement – Bottom; Above Fold on Most Screens
$5.00 per month

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Fluent Circle Media, Inc - Advertising Network

This site is a part of a network of websites run by Fluent Circle Media, Inc.

Subscriptions and Payments

Payments are payable to Fluent Circle via PayPal subscriptions. Every month, your credit card or banking statement should show that a payment was sent via PayPal to "Fluent Circle"

Your featured listing subscription can be changed or cancelled at any time via the PayPal website.

Refund Policy

Advertisements purchased for any Fluent Circle Media site fall into two categories: First Time Purchase and Recurring Payment. The following is our refund policy for each type of payment:

First Time Purchases

When you purchase an ad for any Fluent Circle Media site for the first time (meaning, your first payment for the given site) it is very important that you read all of the details provided for that site so that you are aware of exactly what you are buying – the price, location on the site, number of ads sold in that zone and whether or not they rotate, and of course are familiar with the website itself. Within 24 hours of the purchase, we will consider a refund request on a case by case basis for the following scenarios:

  • You purchased two ads in the same ad zone by accident.
  • The way ads are laid out on the targeted website changes during your purchase.

Recurring Payments

Advertisements sold by Fluent Circle Media are sold as subscriptions (meaning, when you purchase an advertisement you are setting up a recurring payment that will continue to renew until canceled). It is very important that you are aware of your active ads/subscriptions and act to cancel those ads/subscriptions within 24 hours before they re-bill. Within 24 hours of a recurring payment (meaning, from the second payment for the ad(s)) we will consider a refund request on a recurring payment of an ad zone on a case by case basis for the following scenarios:

  • This was your first recurring payment at Fluent Circle Media and you did not realize (even though it is stated at checkout) that you were subscribing to the ads and were unaware that the ads would renew if not canceled after the prescribed term.
  • There was a documented software error that prevented your ad(s) from being canceled.

Requesting Refunds Within 24 Hours

Email support [at] fluentcircle.com with the following details:
  • PayPal Subscription ID#.
  • URL where your listing links to
  • The email address on your account.
  • Why you would like us to consider a refund.